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Intensive Interaction


Intensive Interaction is a pedagogical approach that teaches the Fundamentals of Communication to students who have very early communication development.
It was initially developed during the 1980s by a team led by Dr Dave Hewett, working at the Harperbury Hospital School in the UK and is a highly recognised and researched pedagogy used internationally. Intensive interaction assists students who are living a socially isolated life which creates barriers in their ability to access their learning and engage with their families and significant others. More recently the UK Intensive Interaction Institute has proven that Intensive Interaction benefits students who may not have an intellectual disability but yet have significant gaps in their communication, social and emotional development. These young people may have speech however it consists of scripts, or has little authentic emotional content.
At our school, Intensive interaction is used across the campus to support students’ communication, social and emotional development. Through this, students are able to engage in learning and build relationships with other people, increasing students’ wellbeing and quality of life.
Our Intensive Interaction co-ordinator, Louise Ruzic, provides support for staff, parents and students, including information sessions, training, mentoring, and supporting the implementation of intensive interaction across the school campus.